Esteban Ayala brought his experience as artistic director and designer to the exhibitions of Grupo Antillano. In enriching discussions he used to tell us about some of the European countries he had visited. He talked about literature and art and their cultural contexts, providing a sketch of his meetings with leading cultural figures he had occasion to meet.

When Ayala talked about France he would begin with the phrase: “...I saw the blue air of Paris...” and also mention “élan,” that metaphor about French culture referring to the City of Lights, as the center of the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century.

In the history of Cuban graphic design Esteban Ayala’s work represents the transition and the fundamental connection between the approach to graphic design in the United States and the solid training in design that he received in Germany. In his own way he linked the classic European tradition to the dynamic modernism of North American graphic design.

Guillermina Ramos Cruz, 2012

web design: Los Fieras

proyecto y curaduría:/project concept and curator: Alejandro de la Fuente

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