(b. 1968) holds a Masters in art education from the Instituto Superior Pedagógico Enrique José Varona, Havana. He has exhibited widely including solo shows at Club Havana Museo del Ron (2006); Dudley House, Harvard University, Cambridge (2001) and M.A.R.S. Art Space, Phoenix, AZ (1998). His work has been included in Group Therapy, Galleria Fernando Pradilla, Madrid (2008); Contemporary Cuban Art in the Faber Collection, Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida (2007); and Living for the City at the Centre International de exposition de Larouche, Quebec. He has been a visiting artist at Tufts

University, Boston, and the University of Georgia, Athens. He co-curated Queloides I and participated as well in Ni Músicos ni Deportistas, and Queloides II (1999). Recent exhibits include Without Masks (Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2010), and Queloides: Race and Racism in Cuban Contemporary Art (2010-12).

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