(Guantánamo, 1938) who hails from the rural areas of eastern Cuba, came to Havana to study in the National School of Fine Arts (ENA) in Cubanacán.

Always upbeat, imbued with family connections and the symbolic characters that lived in the Cuban land- scape, the source of many legends of the country people, Ever Fonseca began to paint large canvasses overflowing with the tenacious and imaginative stream coming up from the deepest roots of his land.

From the first phase of his work his paintings, done in oil on canvas, reflected the cultural confluences in the Antillean context, with references to legends where the güije or jigüe lives, those nocturnal beings that emerge from the rivers, the popular stories, the practice of religious beliefs or local history. They came up from the depths of the lives of Cuban country people.


Guillermina Ramos Cruz, 2012

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