Leonel with his embodiments of the pantheon of the liturgy of the Regla de Ocha or Santería associates beauty with harmony of the physiognomy with the brilliance of composition in the style of medieval Catalan art and the naive art of the land of the Yorubas. These are the ritual elements that distinguish them: the stars and the four winds of Oya, the willful warrior in her multicolor flowering world, armed with arrows, deer and tigers in shades of ocher; the greens of Ochosi, the hunter, paired with Oggún, the warrior; Elegguá with gourds, toys, tops, kites, the tireless child of the fates; Changó the warrior, lover with his Oché thunder axes, horse, palm fronds, surrounded in red and white by his eternal loves—Oya, Ochún, and Obba.

Natalia Bolívar, 2000

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