(Guáimaro, Camagüey, 1944) studied at the José Martí School of Fine Arts in Camagüey, and in the Juan Fornet Piña School in Holguín.

In his sculpture Escalona has developed different stylistic lines, one of which is dedicated to carved wood, inspired by the repertory of images from Taino culture, and another in his work in metal where welding defines the forms in which the stylized human figure is one of the main themes.

In his woodcarvings he develops elements based on pre-Columbian petaloid stone hatchets. He assembles pieces in carved wood in different sizes, the surface of which has a subtle texture, reproducing Taino sculptural forms. These pieces draw on the historical accounts inspired by the cults of the dead overseen by Behiques, or priests. Aspects of the stories were recorded by the Chroniclers of the Indies, upon describing objects, ceremonies, and animistic beliefs among the Tainos. He has also recreated sculptural elements in shapes that recall Taino tools, based on stone artifacts found in archaeological zones in eastern Cuba.

Throughout his artistic career Escalona has done commemorative sculpture on historic topics, as well as environmental sculptures that have been placed in several cities in Camagüey and other parts of eastern Cuba. Escalo- na has had one-person shows in several univer- sities and cultural centers in the United States and Latin America.


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