Alberto Lescay Merencio (Santiago de Cuba, 1950) studied in the School of Fine Arts in Cubanacán, and later graduated with a specialization in sculpture from the Repin Academy of Fine Art, former Soviet Union. Upon graduation he returned to his native country and joined such institutions as the Directorate of Fine Arts and De- sign of the Ministry of Culture. In 1978 he became the director of the Santiago Cultural Workshop.

He began his work in the Cultural Workshop with exhibitions of drawing, painting, and sculptural assemblages. At the same time he directed the activities of the Workshop, organizing cultural meetings and interactions among visual artists from various provinces of the country. In these events the artists produced sculptures, ceramics, assemblages, and paintings that were later exhibited in the Cultural Workshop galleries.


In Alberto Lescay’s drawings on cardboard from the late 1970s one could perceive an approach similar to Tachisme, with a calligraphic style of drawing from which suggestions of representational allusions emerged, arranged as a formal thematic element to which denser material and chromatic richness were gradually introduced. In monumental commemorative sculpture, Lescay takes up the image of the distinguished participants in the struggle for independence, in a sculptural style marked by the figure of the hero, as interpreted by the epic of the Revolution.

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