(Guantánamo, 1953) graduated in 1972 from the José Joaquin Tejada School of Art with specializations in sculpture, ceramics, and drawing. He also earned a degree in the history of art from the University of Oriente in 1989.

Since 1973, at the beginning of his artistic career, Lobaina has worked in engraving in the most varied techniques, combining linoleum with colographies, capturing the color and suggested textures in a two-dimensional plane, resolving the technical complexities by developing skill in the craft and by exploring its strength of expression.

With a complex array of techniques, Lobaina designs an expressionist representation based on the human figure, breaking up the composition by incorporating points of visual interest through the intensity of color and contrast between the background surface and the print, shades of black and grey, and flashes of warm colors.

Lobaina has contributed to the renewal of printmaking techniques without giving up a theme that immerses it in its own reality: the human figure perceived in algid points of his art in which the organic fragmentation of the human being converges with the emergence of the amatory world. Facing the limitations resulting from the distance between the artist and the cultural activities of socio-cultural institutions outside of Cuba, his participation in many national and international exhibitions connect him to the most significant events dedicated to printmaking.

Guillermina Ramos Cruz, 2012.

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