“One of our main roots, the African, for example, is considered from a holistic perspective. I’m looking for that point of view that is all encompassing and interprets, rather than recounting an anecdote, or a specific fact. And if we use colors that might be distinctive attributes of a deity, they are added to a work of art in which the imagination soars to create another reality.”

Miguel Ocejo, 1974

The painting of self-taught artist Miguel de Jesús Ocejo (Santiago de Cuba, 1940-Havana, 2006) reflects the particular social and cultural environment he was born into and where he took his first steps. In his paintings we see the panorama of the popular religions of eastern Cuba, characterized by elements of the cults of the first inhabitants of our is- land, visual references derived from Franco- Haitian ceremonies, and by multiple visual elements of spiritism.

Guillermina Ramos Cruz, 2012

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